Reclamation of inorganic core sand


Inorganic core sands cannot be reclaimed effectively and efficiently with the same methods that are established and approved for organic core sands.

From ecological point of view it is necessary and consequent to reclaim and re-use the inorganic sand.

The change to inorganic core sand can only be economically successful if an effective and efficient reclamation process is available.

Due to our longtime experience in the fields of mechanical and process engineering, we supported a well-known Bavarian automobile manufacturer at its change to inorganic binders. An effective and economical sand reclamation process was developed together. Since then we have also worked for other nameable automobile manufacturers and foundries.


Depending on your requirements, the modular units consist of the following single components:


  • Sand conveying technology
  • Multi-level Scheuchl reclamation process
  • Cooling
  • De-dusting
  • Integrated energy recovery
  • Control technology
  • Sand classification
  • Conditioning of cooling water
  • Integrated sand pre-warming
  • Steel construction



When using Scheuchl core sand reclamation units the required amount of new sand is reduced considerably. New sand is then only needed for loss compensation. This leads to a significant reduction of procurement-, transport- and waste disposal costs.


Scheuchl core sand reclamation unit – the advantages at one glance:


  • Reduction of waste disposal costs, decline of waste amount
  • Considerable reduction of new sand amount
  • Less transport costs
  • High plant reliability