Scheuchl air dehumidifiers

A forward looking system

The gentle drying becomes more and more important in the process engineering. Compared to conventional systems Scheuchl dehumidifiers guarantee a production with state of the art air conditions also at critical or changing outside air conditions.

The Scheuchl air dehumidifiers guarantee highest reliability of operation. They are used very successfully amongst others in the following branches:


  • Packaging industry
  • Automobile industry (paint booths)
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Ice rinks
  • Food and beverage applications


Scheuchl air dehumidifiers comply with customer specific requests concerning process air quality and enable an efficient drying.

For the dehumidification of air with high relative humidity an established condensation system is available. This system can also be combined with the dehumidifier as pre-dehumidifier.

Center piece of the dehumidifier is the honeycombed adsorption matrix.