Waste air treatment for solvent-containing air streams


Customers from the following sectors appreciate the quality and liability of our systems:


  • Semiconductor industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Surface technology
  • Fibre composites (CFRP/GRP)
  • Foundries
  • Paint shops


In the area of waste air treatment systems for solvents (VOC) we offer customized solutions from our wide range of products:


  • Activated carbon systems (single use and regenerable)
  • Concentration plants / zeolite rotors
  • Catalytic oxidation systems
  • Thermal post-combustion plants
  • Regenerative thermal oxidation systems
  • Condensation plants – down to -40°F
  • Combined systems


All our systems meet the legal requirements (31st BImSchV, TA-Luft, etc.), taking into account as far as possible any planned tightening of limit values.


Having decades of experience in the area of waste air cleaning technology, you will be welcome to consult us concerning your problem and, if required, we will develop a customer-specific special solution.