Kategorie: g_saegen_bandsaege

Band sawing unit with carriage for cylinder heads

The band sawing station as shown here consists of a robot loading band saw-carriage-unit as well as the according in- and out transport guide rails. Due to noise prevention reasons, the unit is within a sound insulating cabinet. The carriage consists of two cylinder head holding fixtures which are rotatable by 90 degrees, so that a sawing cut for separating the above lying feeder is made possible. Loading and unloading is fully automated by robot. A camera system is used in order to determine the exact casting position. The recycling material is discharged with guiding plates into the conveying system.


Technical data for bandsawing units in general:


  • Types of castings: crankcases, cylinder heads, casting knots, chassis components and many more
  • Bending range of fixture: depending on requirement (here: 90°)
  • Traverse path: depending on requirement (here: robot)
  • Sawing operations: sawing-off of dabove lying feeder (cylinder head), separating cut (for example double cast), sawing-off of sprues, and many more