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Decoring cell of casting finishing line

By means of a rotating table 6-cylinder crankcases are brought into the decoring machine. With a stationary circular saw the gatings of the casting are removed in an upstream process of the decoring process. Then, the cores of the crankcases are broken on a separate pre-decoring station. In the last step the robot puts the crankcases on one of the Shake Champions. There, they are freed completely from sand with the oscillation decoring machine. After the decoring process the crankcases are transported out of the cell with a shuttle and are transported to the following casting finishing.


Technical data:

  • Pre-decoring station: separate station with one casting holding fixture and two stationary core-breaking hammers
  • Main decoring: two pieces Shake Champion SC 165 PSP R
  • Saw: one stationary circular saw for removing the gatings
  • Decored castings: 6-cylinder crankcases
  • Degree of automation: fully automated with robot
  • Loading: rotary tableUnloading: shuttle
  • Sand discharge: sand guiding plates and vibrating conveyors