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Manual oscillation decoring station SC 165 MSP

SC 165 MSP

Due to its manual clamping units all kinds of castings and casting sizes can be decored effectively and cost-saving. Thereby, the sand discharge can be made directly into a box underneath the unit or a sand conveying technology. 


Technical data:


  • Type of castings: crankcases, cylinder heads, chassis parts, pump casings, etc.
  • Oscillation movement: vertical
  • Swing amplitude: max. 12mm (+/- 6mm amplitude)
  • Frequency: 25 Hz
  • Acceleration: max. 15g
  • Max. casting dimension LxWXH: 900 x 780 x 360mm
  • Max. loading incl. holding fixture: 80 kg
  • Piece clamping: bar style clamps