Efficient energy recovery for paint booths


In paint shops, large amounts of air with exactly specified temperatures and humidity are required. By using rotary heat exchangers, it is possible to recover most of the energy and the humidity contained in the waste air. For this reason, rotary heat exchangers from Scheuchl have a great impact on energy saving and on CO2 reduction. Due to their fast payback period, they are already implemented at nearly all automobile manufacturers worldwide for many years.


In paint shops, rotary heat exchangers are exposed to sever contamination but by using cleaning systems, even stubborn or problematic contaminants are being removed from the surface of the rotor. For this reason, efficient heat recovery is possible even under rough environmental conditions.


Scheuchl rotary heat exchangers offer following advantages:


  • High energy recovery with low space requirement

  • Low pressure loss
  • Possibility of humidity transfer
  • Controllability of the heat and mass transfer
  • Good cleanability, even during operation