Decoring of castings on top level


It does not matter if you are looking for a decoring machine for small, medium or large series, for aluminum or gray iron. We will work out the ideal concept together with you: from a manually operated unit up to a fully automated decoring machine – we can provide what you are looking for and are able to offer innovative customized solutions for your task.


Scheuchl decoring units can be operated as stand-alone solution but also in combination with more than one machine. Following technologies are available:


  • Mechanical decoring with compressed air hammers (pre-decoring)
  • Oscillation decoring with vertical oscillation movement with and without turning function (main decoring)
  • Decoring by eigenfrequency oscillation (post-decoring)
  • Combined methods


Test facilities for determining the ideal decoring process parameter are available. The flexible ability to respond to changing requests of customers with your own production is most important for foundries. Thus, fast retooling and the compliance with low cycle times are self-evident for us.