Customized process engineering systems


For an emission-free future, more and more innovative solutions are needed. The greatest synergy potential can only be leveraged through comprehensive thinking and broad experience. Isolated solutions and established standards are reaching their limits because it is particularly in the interlinking of process steps that new possibilities emerge. The conversion of air pollutants and the use of waste heat from waste air treatments become central components here.


Due to the various topics, which we deal with in an interdisciplinary way in process engineering and mechanical engineering we are able to cover this wide range. For more than six decades, R. Scheuchl GmbH has been developing unique special systems for all kinds of customer requirements with the help of experienced teams of engineers and scientists.




  • Recovery plant for silicon oil, acetone, IPA, PERC
  • Distillation units for rinsing fluids, dichloromethane-containing slurry
  • Dryer for pyrotechnic materials
  • Energy-efficient pharmaceutical quality air conditioning
  • Doubling the lifetime of sand cores for aluminum foundries


Manned CO2 ice blasting cabin for large volume press tools (100 tons)