Heat recovery / industrial air conditioning


Scope of application

In the area of heat recovery, we offer highly efficient and environmentally friendly rotary heat exchangers (RHE) for nearly every scope of application. Here, we focus mainly on plants used in industry where a durable construction is required.

In times where the energy efficiency of production sites has become a decisive factor, systems for heat recovery are essential and make a major contribution to reducing a site’s CO2 emissions.

Our heat exchangers can be customized according to the local situation and vary in sizes from 600 mm to 6,200 mm. Through different diameters and lamella heights of the rotor matrix, performance data can thus be optimized for every application.


We offer most different types of foils for each customer-specific application.


Foil thickness: from 0.060 mm to 0.120 mm

Materials: based on high-quality aluminum and stainless-steel foil



  • uncoated
  • sorption coating to transfer sensible or latent heat
  • epoxy coating for special requirements concerning corrosion resistance