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Automation of a lost foam complete casting machine

We, the R. Scheuchl GmbH can also carry out alterations at existing external installations.


In this case, it was the expansion of a lost foam casting machine. The following alterations were made:


  • Supply and applying of cooling plates to the EPS-model
  • Feed of the EPS-models (including cooling plates) into the sand containers
  • Removal of the casted casting clusters, including cooling plates
  • Taking down of cooling plates from the casting cluster
  • Decoring-unit for the casting cluster
  • Quenching of casting clusters in water basin
  • Handing over of casting clusters to the cut-off saw provided by the customer
  • Out transport of the hot and soiled cooling plates via shuttle system
  • Cleaning of cooling plates with robot led rotating brushes
  • Cooling of cooling plates
  • Measuring of cooling plates for evenness
  • Buffer system for different cooling plate types
  • Chaining of complete cooling plate logistic (with linear axis and shuttle)