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Three-axis-circular saw

In order to maintain high flexibility for sawing operations a three-axis-circular saw is often used. It enables to carry out different sawing operations without converting the casting.

In combination with a rotatable casting holding fixture the cut variety is extended very much. This way, also v-cylinder-crankcases can be processed.


Technical data:


  • Sizes (sawing blade diameter): 200mm to 970mm
  • Drive performance: 1,5kW to 55kW
  • Traverse path: 80mm to 2.300mm
  • Casting types: crankcases, cylinder heads and others
  • Cuts: separating cuts, sawing-off of sprues, different cleaning operations, cut for pre-determined breaking points and many more
  • Loading/unlaoding: robot
  • Recycling material: guiding plates and vibration conveyors